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Fame Stills

An Icon Challenge Community

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Fame Stills is a stillness icon challenge community. This one will be different from some of the other communities. There won't just be any one particular challenge run here. The reason the name is FAME STILLS is because it covers basically famous people & the shows/movies/what-not that made them famous.


Basic Icon Rules
- NO ANIMATION - It's a stills comm, Animation is not allowed here.
- LJ Standards - Under 40kb, 100x100, And in .gif, .png, Or .jpg format.
- No posting any of the entries anywhere until after the winners are posted.
- Icons must be posted in url & img format (Img format - Previews, url - Makes it easier for the staff to collect for the votes).

Each challenge runs 2 Weeks, ever third Thursday from the challenge's start is the end of it. Then votes/new challenge go up. Winners are posted every Saturday unless there were no entries.

Each challenge will have a MID-WEEK & END on the same time that it started (We will be checking).

There will be several topics to be challenges: Actors/Actresses (rotate between the genders), Models (male & female -- like the actors/actresses it will rotate between genders), Movies, Singers/Bands (rotate between solo act & bands), TV shows (will not really count much in the way of reality tv, So don't expect it much if at all).

Remember to follow the rules & be nice. If you don't well that's gonna get ya banned now isn't it?

Most of all? HAVE FUN!